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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Ulrika

It sounds like you have some great pathways to consider if your first one becomes ‘too niche’ and not able to bring you the revenue or profit you need due to price points.

Where I believe Isaac was steering you is to not totally abandon the Foot brand because you are knowledgable about this ideal client, but to also consider extending it to ‘Health & Recovery for sports activities’. Then you have foot recovery AND other types of body recovery – This broad category is wide enough to select products from but may need to have a focused niche to truly connect with your customer.  Therefore reflect on your values and beliefs relating to health and recovery for sports.  You may decide to connect and relate to customers who have the same age-related needs for ‘health & recovery’.    Consider your own experiencing and challenges you may have with health and recovery what ‘ideal client’ this aligns with.

p.s – conversely, the  “Lifetime Activities” reference related to those sporting activities that you can play which are not ageist.