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Ulrika I

Hey Isaac.

Thank you.  Some thoughts.

-‘You don’t have to totally abandoned the Foot brand, but maybe just broaden it out to more parts of the body. – Maybe to broaden the range would be ideal, but I am considering the merits of a purely foot/leg brand so that eventually a customer searching for foot related products knows to go to my brand it being a one stop shop for feet? Or am I being unrealistic thinking this? I am aware most other brands that do the compression thing for example are selling for the whole body but maybe I should go the other way? I have compiled a list of potential products that is attached below.

-‘Also, maybe you can target a certain age group or certain type of people who do an activity.’

-‘For example, you can do Health & Recovery products for senior citizens or people who play certain sports. There are definitely some areas that are still wide enough in this realm.’

For the above 2 ‘groups or ideal clients’ I struggle to see what I can create apart from health and recovery for seniors where there is an abundance of products.

‘I would agree that golfers have their brand loyalty for a lot of things, but there may be certain things that they use that don’t need to be branded. However, the number of those products may be limited.’ – I have with my friend identified 5 products that I believe could have good potential, but as you say, that might be the limit. With regards to the number of potential products, do you have any guidelines?

‘But if you have a “Lifetime Activities” brand that focuses on a few sports that people of all ages can play, there may be a niche there too.’ – could you please expand on the ‘lifetime activities’ concept? I do not understand it.