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Nathan S


I have a question/critique for this upcoming coaching call. It has to do with my email sequence. First of all, ManageByStats, as well as ASM (I think) had brought to my attention how Amazon is going to be changing the rules soon regarding seller email sequences and not allowing sellers to send emails asking for reviews, and that the only way we would be able to do that is via Amazon’s own “Request A Review” feature. MBS has recently created a new feature that allows you to automatically send out this Request A Review feature, instead of having to do it manually. I even had someone at MBS look at my email sequence and critique it and provide their recommendations. I had a 2 part email sequence that I had set up awhile ago from the ASM training. The second email sequence was the one where I was asking for a review. MBS recommended axing that one and replacing it with their new Request A Review feature as my new number 2 email sequence, which I did. They even advised me on how to set it up with the timing and everything (see the screenshot). And to be fair, I haven’t been selling a lot lately due to turning off my ads. However, after looking at the data, people were opening up my old email sequence emails (both of them). And they’re still opening up my first one. However, nobody is opening this new Request A Review one. So I’m confused. Also, on a side note, I have been selling this product for around two years now. Yet as of today, I only have 38 reviews/ratings. So it’s obvious what I’m currently doing isn’t working out too well and it appears that the advice I’ve been receiving (whether from ASM or MBS) isn’t benefiting me too much. So I have some questions about this that I was hoping you could answer and provide some guidance on:

1. Do you recommend MBS SellerMail? Or should I be using something else for my automated email sequences?

2. Have you heard of this rumor that Amazon is going to be doing away with seller initiated email sequences that are requesting reviews? If so, how should we prepare for this?

3. Do you recommend Amazon’s Request A Review feature? As I said, I’m not having much luck with it.

4. I’ve been told by both ASM and MBS that having more than two emails in an email sequence isn’t good because it annoys customers and that two emails is where the sweet spot is. Is there any truth to this?

5. Can you please critique my email sequence, including the old #2, and let me know what I’m doing wrong and why I’m not getting a lot of reviews? I’ve provided the screenshots below.

Finally, I just couldn’t help myself and had to share this email I got from a customer fairly recently! It’s hilarious, but at the same time, it also made my day and shows that I must be doing something right! 🙂

Dear Phase 2 Tactical team,
I have, in fact, received your resplendent survival pack and I find it in
good health. Thank the Gods in the heavens above for that. Each tool shall
serve it’s ultimate purpose in the possibly imminent calamity, catastrophe,
or cataclysm. I value your expediency and the essence of the product is
exactly what I paid for, and then some! In these trying times, I hope that
you AND your team experience nothing but gentle breezes inhaled through
ventilator-less mouths and sunny skies. You have my esteem, regard, and to
be completely candid, my respect.
Be safe,
Dominique “DJ” Jones
P.S. I never sign my real name, but because of the quality of service and
product I’d officially endorse this to anyone who knows me in real life. So
thank you Phase 2 Tactical team, keep up the good goddamn work.

Thank you and sorry for the long post!