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Nathan S


I have a couple of questions for tomorrow’s Office Hours coaching call, as follows:

1. Yesterday, I received a seller message on Amazon from someone. However this time, it was not a customer. I think it might be an influencer, however, I want to make sure it’s not a scam and want your advice on whether I should proceed or not. Here is the message from this individual:

My guess is that if it’s legit, it could be a good opportunity to get some additional exposure of my product. However, I’ve never dealt with influencers or this kind of thing (though I’ve heard of it). So I just want to know if it’s something I should do and if I should respond to him. And if so, how should I respond?

2. My second question is regarding the Buy Box. I can’t remember where, but I remember seeing something in some training course (it may have been Sprint to Profit or perhaps ASM) that said that if your product is unique, you should be getting the Buy Box 100% all of the time. Well, my Buy Box percentage seems to fluctuate from time to time. However, unless I’m missing something, it does not appear that my listing has been hijacked. So I’m a little confused. Is it normal to have the Buy Box fluctuate, even when my product is branded and different from other similar products and variations?

3. Since I started selling on Amazon, I’ve had problems when I contact seller support. Specifically, when I submit a trouble ticket, both my email and phone number are in the system. However, something is wrong because whenever sellers support claims they’re trying to contact me via phone, they always come back and say they were unable to reach me. However, I have never received a call or missed call from them. I double checked and the phone number shown is my correct number. Is this normal, or do you think something is wrong? What should I do about it? Also, in earlier Sprint to Profit training videos, it has cheat sheets you can download with info to contact seller support via phone. However, I was under the impression that seller central no longer offers phone support for Amazon sellers. Am I incorrect in this assumption?

Thank you,


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