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Laura H
Laura H

Hi Isaac,

I have done a bit of a U-turn but am feeling good about it.

After you asked me to expand further I realised that I didn’t actually believe the previous BPS, and was trying too hard to find a different angle to the ones we’d been through on the coaching call. I have instead decided to focus on my personal (much shallower!) attitude towards homeware shopping.

I really appreciate your thoughts (after the weekend of course), and will do a brand name poll as soon as I know this is the direction I’m taking.

Whilst we’re here though – what are your thoughts on ‘These Four Walls’ as a name please?  It was previously US trademarked – dead since 2014, and although there are other ‘four walls’ these were trademarked prior to 2014 therefore I’m thinking it should be ok?

It is however trademarked in UK for ‘film production services’ until 2023 – should this be a concern if I wanted to expand into UK market in the future? Or would I be able to sell US TM product in UK even if the UK TM belongs to someone else?

Thanks so much –



Ideal Client

Style and trend conscious women who like to look good, and this extends to their homes. Having a stylish home gives them confidence and makes them feel proud of what they’ve achieved.

It is important to them that others think they have good taste and they will always ensure everything is in its place before visitors arrive. “Where did you get that from?’ is their favourite question.

Even when buying practical products, they will shop around to find the one that looks the best (despite it not always being the top performer).

They do not consider themselves to be flashy – and would rather buy a beautiful product from an independent brand that people will comment on, than one just for the sake of a big brand name.

They are interested in what other people are wearing and buying for their houses, and keep up-to-date with the latest trends via instagram/blogs/magazines.

Their home is not a show-home, it is to be lived in and enjoyed, however everything is there for a reason and is loved, no unnecessary clutter.

Whilst price is a consideration, they purchase for pleasure and style rather than to find a product that simply ‘does the job’.

Market Definition

These Four Walls is a contemporary homeware brand focussed on producing beautiful and functional products that will fit perfectly into your stylish homes.

Brand Promise

These Four Walls produces high quality, stylish and practical products for your home. We understand that you will not settle for anything but the best and promise that with our products you will feel confident that you have a home to be admired. We have every room covered.

Reason to Believe

We are passionate about interiors and place great importance on our homes looking good. We keep up to date with the latest homeware trends and love to share fashion/style/homeware tips with our friends. We understand the confidence that being stylish brings.