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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Susan,

You have 2 options:

1 – Write the appeal based on the guidelines that we outline on this page (it’s for product listings, but can be used for the Account Appeal as well):

2 – Contact a service the works with appeals like this to have them do it for you. Here are two recommendations:

I wouldn’t necessarily ASSUME it is from Real Product Talk (we have no affiliation with them other than using them for launches), but it could be possible. There could be a number of other things that you may have been linked to.

For example, your follow-up emails might have some wording in it that violates Amazon’s policies. You may be incentivizing people for their reviews in some other way through inserts or on the packaging. I am not sure, but if you can pinpoint exactly what they are saying is review manipulation, then you can appeal it by giving your plan of action to fix it.