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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Debbie, just to add a bit…

Yeah, I believe your keywords are the biggest issue right now, because I truly don’t believe your best keywords are terms like “gift set for men” or anything even related to gifts. If you are selling spices, then you main keywords would have the word “spice” in there somewhere.

For example, “curry spice” might be a MUCH better keyword for your curry spices than “unusual gifts for men” or one of the other ones you have.

You have ASSUMED that your products are gifts. I am telling you they are not. Yes, they CAN be bought as gifts, but someone, in the end, will be USING the products. How would the person who USES the product find the product? They would search on Amazon for the product based on what they call it. They wouldn’t search “gifts for myself,” would they? Lol

Does this help a little bit on why the listing isn’t converting well? You are basically trying to get irrelevant traffic to your listing and hope they will buy. In terms of gifts for anyone, everything on Amazon can be gifted…people even buy my ice scraper as gifts at Xmas. Cheap bastards! Lol

But you never sell your products as gifts when it comes to keywords. You have to treat it like the product it is, and its purposes for existing.

What problems do your products solve?

Why is someone using your products?

How do they feel when they use your products?

And so on…we’ll get into this a bit more later in the training, but yeah, I hope this helps provide a bit more clarity.