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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Nathan,

Thanks for providing this detail.

I understand that you are confused, and yeah, when you have multiple advisors advising you on things it gets hard to know what’s the best thing to do. As you know, we are pretty straightforward and are here to help.

Here’s what we as coaches came together to suggest for your next steps forward (and I will add a dash of some of my own advice as well).

Step 1 – Slow down a bit. I know you want to just try everything and see what works. We’ll get to the bigger issues in the business soon, but we gotta “learn to walk before we run.” As the saying goes.

Step 2 – Focus on each part of the training in order so you get the advice at the time you are working through it. We WILL get to the Traffic and Conversion stuff soon enough, but we need to make sure you understand the major fundamental parts of the business (specifically product selection research) so that you know how to make a return on the investment you are making for the coaching. 🙂

We WILL help advise you on the listing once you have it done by Ignite. Just an FYI, we had a previous relationship with that company, and they do things mostly similarly, but I don’t know how they do things now, but we can help look at it. And yes, our optimization training will be similar (but even better now) than Amazing Accelerators as we have refined things further.

Step 3 – I am not going to stop you from turning ads on if you want to test the listing and such. Just keep a low budget so you can keep the expenses under control. Maybe start with a $10 budget just to see how it plays out. We will get to the Ads Training later as well. But it too is similar to Amazing Accelerators.

The reason you got no data on the 16th of June is because it would appear that not a single person visited the listing. This is because you probably have almost no visibility on Amazon unless you have ads running. It’s likely that you haven’t got very good keyword ranking on the main keywords. So, no one can find you unless you pay for the ads. So, yeah, nothing showed up that day, for example.

We will also get to launch stuff soon as well. I know 90 days seems like a long time, but it goes very fast. So, it is our advice that you focus on the sequential order of the training so that way you can create a high-functioning business that is good long after your 90 Day Sprint to Profit is over. 🙂

Hopefully this will help clarify, and if you have any individual issues, create a topic for that.

If you use the Scientific Method to post, we can also understand things easier as well. But it’s gotta be for one challenge at a time otherwise, we have to try to examine the whole business at once.

So, if you have a problem, then just post with this type of post:

1 – State the challenge/problem

2 – State the evidence you have that tells you it’s a problem

3 – Let us know what you have tried to do to fix it so far

4 – State what you think you should try next (this is the part most people struggle with, but there’s always a solution)

5 – Ask us if we believe that this is the right way to go.

You’ve done a pretty good job in this topic of doing a lot of that, but that part where you go a little astray is combining problems together to try to come up with a solution. Sometimes that is necessary, because two things can be causing an issue, but you still have to fix one thing at a time. Know what I mean?

Hopefully, this will help create less confusion for you. Taking things one step at a time will help limit your confusions and overwhelm. It’s when we all try to do too much at once that things go sideways.

Have a good weekend. Let me know what you think.