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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Laura,

I like it. Obviously, there are a few of you guys going into the “home” space, but it’s all good. I wonder if you can just explain the problems they have in their lives that they are trying to “escape from it all.” This will help identify your ideal client a little more clearly than other brands.

Also, I like Joy Living, but it doesn’t sound like correct English, and (as I am a bit of an grammar nerd) it comes off a bit like a foreign company just slamming two words in English together to try to sell products. Could just be me.

Joyful is the adjective version of joy. So, if that’s available, that sounds better, but if it’s not, then you probably wouldn’t be able to get “Joy Living” either because it’s so close to “Joyful Living.” The rights owner would likely stop you from getting that name.

Maybe try to get like 4 or 5 ideas and start a topic in this Forum asking for help.

Just use the [POLL] headline so people know you are asking for help. 🙂

Great stuff so far though. Way to take action from the call.