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Debble W

Thanks Amanda, will check out that feature on HS where can see competitors sales over a period, not seen that.   I know peak sales can be crazy but would like more consistent sales off peak – agreed people do cook all year long but don’t necessarily look for spice sets unless a gift or after a new spice taste experience.

I will do some competitor research/customer reviews to see how I can change my approach on my listings – get more feel and problem solving.  I was always told if selling don’t change your listing just do small tweek.  But I need to improve my conversion.

Pricing I find subjective as each spice set is different – some a pack of 6, others 12 or sets of 24 testers etc. and all packaged differently.  I am not in a market where you have 5 sellers selling the same style product just packaged differently, where they can hop onto your listing and undercut you – as it isnt the same product.  Also rank in, for example, gift sets for men – you are in hugely different products with all kinds of prices – so its what the customer is willing to pay – hence I need to get my listing correct so convert!

Thanks, will focus on this this week while everyone is doing their logos and branding.  I know their is further training which will be helpful for new products but as I need to get current products right.

On the question on whether to us less or more words in listing – is it better to maximise listing with keywords?