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Amanda Tucker

Hey Lindsey

Great job on your brief – it is well written and nice a succinct.

I wanted to just touch on colors for a moment.

You requested:

  • Deep pink on navy (although open to anything) – Do you know why you specifically leaned toward pink and navy?   Why was this relevant to your sports brand?  If you can closer to understand why you were drawn to it and can convey why you’ve leaned toward a particular color palette that provides great inspiration for the designer without blocking their creativity.
  • Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze on light blue (as below) – Gold, Rose Gold, and Bronze (and silver) can sometimes be expensive to print because it is a ‘special color’  and that pushes your cost of packaging (Cost of goods)etc.  You may like to request yellow/orange  ‘gold-like’ etc but request it’s standard pantones. Or change this or retain it knowing that it may cost more?

Hopefully, a few extra things for you to consider?

Other than that – GREAT job!