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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hi Nathan

I’m trying to understand your question and forgive me if I’m sharing what you already know but so we are on the same page, here’s some info:

  • If you are not ranked organically for your main KWs and not running ads to get visibility for these KWs, your sessions will be low.
  • Ads do not boost conversion.  Only sessions improve with advertising
  • However, something to note, if you have low sessions, you will find your conversion fluctuates a lot because it’s based on a small base (so 1 sale could make a huge % difference on a low base).  The higher the sessions the more robust your conversion data will be.
  • You cant ‘test conversion’ because it’s real number – For those people that find your listing and click on it, how many buy.
  • SC Business Reports – To review daily metrics, the reports are always about 2 days behind so today 26th June, you’ll only see 24th June data, so always look at ‘the day before’ by adjusting the data in the dashboard.  You can go back day by day.


The only way to see if this product will work is:

  • Assess the numbers – use the existing product cash analyzer to see if it is profitable at a very top level.
  • Then , using the Advertising Campaign Manager Section in SC confirm what is the PPC suggested bid is for your main KW.  And assess if your cash profit has enough room to both cover advertising AND still make you a good cash profit.
  • HOLD all decisions until Module 4 when we’ll show you how to the complete market opportunity research to assess what it will cost to reach its full market potential
  • If the numbers work, that is GREAT.  In Week 9, you can then dive into the Listing optimization Module where we will empower you with all the tools to create a high converting listing.

I hope that helps?