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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

I’ve had to troubleshoot this many times so here are my top tips:

REQUEST CALL via:  Help > Get support > Selling on Amazon > Products, Listings, or Inventory > Investigate Other Product,Listings, Inventory Issues

And here is my trick to get through to speak to the Catalog team …… I hope the screenshot makes sense:

When you get through:
-. As the FBA Catalogue team to check if your ‘category-nodes’ are active on both ‘ALL DEPARTMENTS’ and ‘your category’
– ask them to run a ‘diagnostics check’ to see if your listing is in good health with no issues – note: only the captive team have specialist software to complete this test.

P.s the front line SC team are normally reluctant to put you through directly to the catalog team immediately, but just ask them to run the diagnostics check and node assessment and typically that gets you transferred. Also bear in mind that the catalog team typically only work office hours so 9 to 5 US Time zones