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Amanda Tucker

Hi Debbie,

To identify if you have an issue with your listing, this will normally be flagged/indicated by a low conversion % (as mentioned earlier) – it’s an important metric. and we cover listing optimization in Week 9.  If you have conversion significantly below 20% it could be a number of factors – price (too high or too low vs competition), reviews/review score, bullets, images, and description.  These are the levers you will use to increase conversion.

For a seasonal product – this typically means a product that is only/mainly bought a certain time of the year (think summer, winter/product you use in the sunshine, snow etc).  With your product, I thought there shouldn’t be a reason why customers wouldn’t buy a cooking spice set all your round because people cook all year round, BUT after checking the historical sales trend data on Jungle Scout there a strong appeal at Christmas for a gift which boosts sales significantly.  You can check this yourself by running Jungle Scout or H10 chrome extension on page one search results for your main kw and once the JS or H10 table populates, click on several top sellers ‘monthly unit sales’ and you will see the monthly trends for several time periods for each of them.

Ranking – Your page ranking is based on sales that are generated for that KW.  If you are not ranked organically for ‘spice set’ (for example), you’ll need to rely on paid advertising to get you seen on page one, until you are demonstrating the sales to be on that page.  (we cover this in a lot of detail later in the program).  If the product is a viable product to retain (profit and ROI), when you reach a solid conversion%,  you may consider boosting your ranking with a relaunch, pre Christmas (we cover this in Module 10 which will be perfect for you at that point)

Listing Recommendations:

  • – check your price vs the competition based on what you are offering vs the top seller’s prices
  • – write a list of the top benefits your product delivers for your ideal client.    These will be inspired by how your product makes your ideal client feel or what problems your product solves (for example, no more bland food).   You can dig deeper into your current copy, by digging deeper into the cooking experience and feeling your product offers.   It will be more than, CURRIES OF ORIGIN, FULL OF FLAVOUR, BEAUTIFUL ELEGANT GIFT PACKAGED SLIDE BOX, UNUSUAL AND AUTHENTIC.  A great pro-tip for you to read the review of your top competitors and lift the consumer language that customers use about the spice.   This will be a goldmine of great benefits.   This could be a great research task for you this week.
  • – And don’t be tempted to follow ‘whatever other sellers’ is putting in their listing.   More often than not, they are very feature-driven and lack the true benefits that covert strong sales.

I hope I’ve give a few tips to work with. Sorry for the long response, but i did want to answer each of your questions 🙂