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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

YES 🙂  – You can read more information and get access by searching for ‘Amazon Business’ in the search bar on your SC dashboard.

I have copied the link and an overview of the program for you and others to see:

Amazon Business Overview
Amazon Business is a purchasing experience for business customers of all types and sizes. Customers globally range from small businesses to large global corporations along with institutional buyers such as universities, hospitals, government agencies and non-profits. Amazon Business enables you to optimize your offerings to grow sales to business customers.

While business customers can already purchase your products on Amazon, Amazon Business provides access to additional pricing, business profile and brand-building features designed to reach a growing population of procurement professionals. Features like Business-Only Offers and Quantity Pricing give Amazon Business sellers tools to leverage Amazon to reach discerning business buyers.

Professional sellers can upgrade to Amazon Business for free – To Enable click here


What happens when you upgrade to Amazon Business?
You can access the new feature set automatically through your existing Seller Central account.

Amazon Business feature set includes the following functionalities:

  • Business Pricing and Quantity Discounts: pricing and payment features that simplify buying from you in larger quantities.
  • Business-Only Offers: the ability to offer products available only to business customers.
  • Business Reporting: access a number of reports, including data on when business customers place orders and how many businesses are buying from you.
  • Tax Invoice Available Badge: higher visibility of your offers to Amazon Business customers with a special Tax Invoice Available Badge displayed on the product detail page for eligible offers. Only available to sellers who have enabled Tax Calculation Services.