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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Beate,

Thank you for reposting.

To tighten this up, and similar to my recommendations on our call yesterday, when you consider ‘Why do they use the product’ – detail the event or situations why an RV road tripper would need to dig a ditch, make a hole, cut or saw something or remove vegetation.   You talked through it really well on the call yesterday when we dug a bit deeper – for example, clearing trees and vegetation to park the RV,  digging the RV wheels out of a muddy or rough terrain situation, smashing windows to escape road incidents… etc etc … does this seem a little clearer now?


For ‘How do they feel to use the product’ – I’m not quite sure why an RV road tripper would feel ‘excited’ to use a shovel, but maybe it needed some extra context?   Maybe think about how they feel when their problems are resolved.   — How about, potentially feeling ‘in control by feeling prepared for any road trip curveball,  feel like they are taking responsibility and relieved knowing they can look after themselves and passengers in an emergency or tricky road trip event. Feeling confident they can stay safe when they go off the beaten track enjoy all that nature has to offer them. (these are just thoughts for you – please let me know your thoughts)