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Nathan S
Nathan S

Hi Isaac,

Sorry for the late response here. Anyway, yes, I’m aware of how to check conversion rates and what the Unit Session Percentage is. And I did complete the metrics lessons and put everything in the spreadsheets. Here’s where I’m confused. First of all, I’m not currently running sponsored ads. So if I’m not getting a lot of traffic due to my ads being paused, how can I test to see if my conversion rate is going to go up to at least 20%? However, it’s almost at 6% now with zero ads running.

Secondly, in Seller Central under Business Reports, it only shows me metrics (like sessions, unit session percentage, number of sales, etc.) when I actually get a sale for that particular day (I’m not sure if that’s normal or if something is wrong). Therefore, the data is incomplete and not accurate when I put it in the data in the Sales and Metrics Tracker. Does that make sense? However, when I do get a sale for a particular day and can see all of my metrics, it does show a conversion rate of at least 20% on each one. And yes, I’m waiting a couple of days for Amazon to update everything and then checking again. 🙂 The data just isn’t showing on days where I’m not making a sale.

With this info, what do you recommend I do? How do I figure out whether or not this product is going to work if I’m not getting all the data and you don’t recommend testing the waters to see if I can get my conversion rate up? I’m a little confused. I can provide a link to my Sales and Metrics Tracker, if you think that would help. Just let me know.

Thank you,