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Debble W
Debble W


How do I know it it not actually the listing that is an issue?  Also how do I access if it actually a seasonal product volume issue and no matter how much I spend on ads the ranking is not going to improve?  Did you have a look at my Helium 10 report on keywords ranking for my Curries of Origin product – one of my biggest sellers as previously attached?  You will see I am ranking on many keywords and main keywords and the same reflects on most of my products.

I am going to spend some time on my listings this week as I already have a logo that I am happy with and represents my brand, so don’t need to do that.  Can you have a look at my Curries of Origin listing on Amazon and advise where I can improve?

When I look at my competitor listings their Subheadings/Descriptions are very short and to the point.  Sometimes I think they are at an advantage as Amazon has to drive traffic on a very limited ‘key word’ selection so would they not have a more effective advert spend?  I think as I am covering ‘gifts’ in my listing this will be my advantage in peak season if already ranked for it.

Appreciate your feedback so I can have a productive week and hopefully improve conversion.