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Debble W

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Majestic Peacock

Ideal Client

Majestic Peacock brings style and organisation to homeowners who can’t live with clutter and get very embarrassed if have a messy house when someone visits.  They like everything in the right place, organised and importantly stylish.  They enjoy contemporary and minimalistic living and pay attention to every detail in their home, creating a fresh unique edgy space for comfortable modern living.  They love to cook and entertain their guests, adding some sophistication and style to every occasion.  No chipped plates in their home!  They enjoy the finer things in life and like to make a statement in the way they live, Majestic Peacock allows them to flaunt it without saying a word!

Market Definition

Majestic Peacock produce homeware décor and organisation products that simplify life with a touch of class.  These products are high quality, practical yet represent an understated luxury element. Customers will shop within their means however will splash out for the right product for their home.

Brand Promise

Majestic Peacock proudly stands in delivering beautiful high-quality products that will help you get uncluttered, organised and home décor that brings an element of ‘fine living’ to your home and lifestyle. We work with the best designers in the industry so that you don’t have to, always keeping up to date with the latest interior designs.

Reasons to believe

We have very busy lifestyles and little time to be organised. No-one wants to be spending hours tidying up where we would much rather be spending time with loved ones on the sofa after a hard day’s work. By simplifying our daily chores and being organised means we get back more time to do the important stuff and enjoy our magnificent abode that we have carefully pulled together with love and care!

Simple | Edgy | Elegance – so Flauntable!