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Isaac Kuhlman

30 Day Goals

BPS + IDEAL CLIENT of both brands Why do you have 2 brands? Just out of curiosity
Examine product expansion of Armadillo Pro-Tec
Product development of Fit Feet Now
Find sourcing agent for Fit Feet Now products
Order samples from suppliers and competition
Decide on 1 new sku armadillo + 1 new sku fit feet now.  Sourcing two products at the same time is okay, but you probably don’t want to launch 2 items at the same time.
Follow all training videos, calls and do GSDs


60 Day Goals

PPC, KW and language optimization of existing skus
Early August place orders for mass production
Find complimentary free gifts, place orders This is probably not necessary. Free gifts usually just hurt your margins or cause you to be overpriced.
Decide on packaging, inserts, place these orders
Follow all training videos, calls and do GSDs

90 Day Goals

KW and copy for new skus
PPC launch strategy
Launch the new skus You probably just want to do one at a time to get them right.
Email sequencing
Follow all training videos, calls and do GSDs
Examine sales data – decide on new skus for launch after christmas.