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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Ulrika,

These look pretty good to me. With the fact that you can do this full time, you should be able to accomplish a lot.

Good work. 🙂


2 x TMs-2 x Brand reg – 2x Transp programme
Currently no need to reg for  VAT
With optimization of 1 sku can deliver +2000usd profit to re-invest
High motivation
Good current supplier, good communication
Motivation to expand brands + product ranges
Amazon experience
Lots of free time, no other work


Lacking in focus, confidence and clarity
KW and ranking, especially Europe (language barrier)  but applies to all marketplaces
Review count
Narrow product range, vulnerable
Lack of knowledge of product selection, understanding demand etc
Competition to current skus
Sourcing agent
Limited funds


Creating more wealth – Can you explain this? How are you going to create more wealth?
Re-launch with optimizations of language, KW, PPC, images etc
Increase conversions through list opt, language trans., price, KW
Increase traffic through KW and PPC
Expand and revise product line also in terms of seasonal/evergreen
Rethink BPS and Ideal Client for both brands
New relationships with sourcing agents, translators, VAs, shipping agents, suppliers, photographer, graphic designer


Lack of focus, confidence, clarity – This is probably more of a weakness than a threat.
Competition – lower price, better products, more reviews, better listings
Demand + saturated market, markets changing
Picking wrong products – Also, probably a weakness instead of a threat.
Supplier – quality, communication, trust
Getting BPS – Ideal Client wrong – This is not going to happen. We won’t let it. 🙂
Despite all efforts, not ranking – This isn’t a threat. Just a lack of proper action. 🙂