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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Wil,

It would probably be best to just focus on what you need from the Amazon side of the business for this exercise since we aren’t going to be coaching you on anything to do with retail. Therefore, we wouldn’t have any affect on if it grows or not.

So, the SMART goal would be something like this:

I want to achieve $60,000 in monthly sales from my Amazon business so that I can achieve a $10,000 net profit in the business with a 17% margin. I want to achieve this by October 31, 2020. I want to achieve this because I want to move our retail business online so that we are future proofing our sales and income in a way that can sustainably grow for years. My family and I will have a business that we can run as a legacy business to keep us close and to have security for us.

Something like that? You can edit it as needed. 🙂