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Amanda Tucker

Hi Beate, For ease of review for everyone, I have coped and pasted the text below:

We can go over this on the call today…




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ROADFARE portable stainless steel tactical folding shovel and lightweight survival tool with heavy-duty multifunction and durable tool case


Bullet Points:

1.       MULTIFUNCTIONAL, PRACTICAL, AND VERSATILE:  ultimate survival shovel and emergency repair tool for multi-scenario use incorporates shovel, hoe, hook, saw, tactical knife, emergency whistle with fire bar, screwdriver, and safety cone. These features will ensure your unique outdoor experience and enhance confidence in your responsiveness in case of emergency

2.       OCCASIONS –APPLICATION –SCENARIOS: essential in the outdoors for camping, RV, survivalists, preppers,  car emergencies, expeditions, metal detection,  and off-road adventures

3.       STURDY AND DURABLE: unbreakable premium materials, all-metal guarantee, top quality built to last, sharp cutting and serrated edges

4.       COMPACT AND PORTABLE: space-saving, adjustable handle length by anti-skid extension rods with twisting locks, foldable for secure storage in durable carrying pouch / tactical waist bag with belt loop

5.       ROADFARE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE offers a 30 days money back and 365 days free replacement. Put it to the test and be prepared for any situation!