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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Beate,

You are getting very close.  Your current summary is very broad (too broad) at the beginning but narrows down nicely toward the end, so here is some guidance for you…

  • Who uses the product: The missing link here is to close the gap and zero in on YOUR ideal client which means you close the gap from ‘everyone’ (camper, RV, survivalist, prepper, outdoor expedition, and off-road adventurer, for car emergency) to your ideal client. The current list of ‘who uses it’ is 7 ideal clients, so zero into yours.  Your brand is not a prepper brand nor a survivalist or general camping brand  (Isaac did provide the same feedback on his earlier reply)
  •  Why do they use the product’ – again, zero into main uses for YOUR ideal client  – for example, would your RV client really use a shovel to cut and saw or hack wood?   Isn’t this more for survivalists or general camper?
  • What problem does your product solve? – Isaac recommended below to refer to product, in this statement  – what problems does THIS product solve.  Add in the product.

I hope this helps you zero in.