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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Johnny,

I do like how you have set the goals, and I will admit the first time I attempted the SMART goal, I did it exactly the same way you just did it. Lol.

However, that’s not exactly how you create the SMART goal.

It’s sort of a very formatted goal.

For example, you haven’t added any real reason WHY you need the money (which is the Relevant part), and you actually put the “HOWs” into the SMART goal which is not actually part of the SMART goal format (more like an annual sales plan or a 90 day plan).

So, in order to really understand this exercise, format it in the way the video suggests and incorporate your Why into the SMART goal to make it relevant to you (as in, why do you need it to happen). Then remove the stuff about the second brand and launching products by certain dates and such. That’s more of the gameplan that we will discuss in later training modules.

Your SMART goal might look something like this:

I want to achieve $7000 in income by 07/01/2021 from my Amazon business by getting to $70,000 in sales revenue with a 20% profit margin after all expenses. I will split the 20% profit at that point to be 50% to put back in the business and 50% to pay myself. I need to get to this goal because I [state the reason why you need to do this].