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Jessica M

Ok. I see your point. I thought it was a little too ambitious to expect to have a product on Amazon and making a profit within 90 days, which is why I had the later dates.

The reason I chose to evaluate my current product as a secondary goal, is because I have never gone through the whole process. I want to start from the beginning with this coaching program and do all the work that is required, fully, for a new product. When I first started with another program, I took an “easy“ way out by purchasing product from a fellow seller. They were getting out of the business and I essentially took over their product thinking I could get ahead by bypassing some of the process. I then realized I was missing a lot of key training and information by doing that. I believe this is in part why my product suffered. I also went about it backwards and created my “brand“ after knowing what my product was. I would still like to invest in a brand new product with this coaching program so that I can see the process all the way through. If I use my current product, I will still be bypassing the product selection, supplier connection, and shipment process.

also, my brand will be geared more towards home (inside and out (which includes garden), whereas my current product is strictly garden. I am not sure if that brand is too broad, and I may focus more on home. That would mean my current product doesn’t fit my brand anyway.

The reason I chose five products is because I wanted something attainable. I never sold five products in one day with my previous product. I really don’t know what to expect, so I didn’t want to go beyond attainable and feel discouraged.

I will adjust my 90 day plan based on your suggestions  and resubmit.