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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Rachel,

This is a great start. Four kids? A job? Jesus, how you get through the day must be a task in itself. 🙂

Try not to think about how much information you have to absorb right now. Try to think of absorbing ONLY the information that you need to apply. The rest is going to be helpful later on, but you can always come back to it to understand it if it doesn’t make sense now. 🙂



I very much want this business to be able to live a much higher quality life. I’m a Mom with 4 kids and feel very overwhelmed with household, raising the kids and work. I want (very much!) to succeed in my Amazon business so I could afford more help around the house and have more time having fun with the kids and my husband and create enjoyable and unforgettable moments.

I would love to have more financial freedom and not feel so pressured and live more comfortable. My desire to succeed is an 11/10!!

My biggest barrier is that I feel overwhelmed with all of it (even when listened to all the video training- that I LOVE, it’s a lot of information to absorb and ACTUALLY to GSD) and feel like how will or will I ever get there……..?

I feel like that this course is my last and hopefully the best chance to succeed and I don’t want to think that I won’t succeed. Writing this WHY is the first GSD of this course, and here I am actually doing it and so I will follow all of them STEP BY STEP.


I have to prove myself THAT I CAN DO IT!!! And get the financial freedom to live my dream!!!