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Amanda Tucker

Hey Honor,

You’ve got some great support from your fellow Sprinters!!   And I love seeing that!

For the creative brief, as we recommend in the training, it is good to always offer a visual representation of what you LIKE and also the brand logos that compete in this market.   But not to worry, you’re getting this back on track.

Based on your Brand essence:

  • Modern,
  • Feminine
  • Stylish
  • Hostess (entertaining)

#93  – does that meet this brief.  it’s missing the feminine, stylish and hostess essence.  You could provide feedback to them.

#89 – is okay but maybe needs to be softened (vs square image) to add feminine and style essence.  Again, you could provide them with feedback

#96 – I liked the heart in this one but it was too flat and needs some extra depth.  I also was not sure what the images inside the heart were, esp the squares?  Was it a spoon and spatular?   it feels more like a kitchen brand vs a broader home, kitchen and garden products targeted at those that love cooking and hosting in their homes and outside space. You could provide them with feedback

#99, 98, 97 by Seruni – These arent quite right.  The flower for the garden was an interesting addition but is it too ‘pretty’ vs stylist?   And potentially the three elements of hand, house, and flower in a small area is a little too busy.   I feel that the ‘caring hand’ is not really on brand and too ‘nurturing’ for your stylish entertaining brand – from your BPS I saw your brand as not really a mumsy brand, you are a ‘hostess with the mostest’.

*** Overall,  I think Laura B nailed it with her brand logo examples (that is why it is important to share this with a designer).   The reason I liked the ones Laura chose and posted was that they were simple and uncluttered and had a  modern, feminine, Stylish,  which is your brand 😉 .  The bird for the garden was elegant too vs pretty.

You could send these to the designers for development if you also liked the direction?


Does this give you food for thought?