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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Ulrika,

You’re doing great with your GSD’s!    Here are some observations:

Existing PCA
– GREAT profit and ROI on all products – great job!
– COGS is comparatively low which is indicating that you are getting a good profit$ per unit with low investment – again – great job!
– Cash Flow —- Black Pouch has tied up some cash for you.  Based on the Av UPD (units per day) you are holding more stock than you need (about 5 months worth), so your cash investment is tied up unnecessary.  This means there is an opportunity for you to turn this stock around faster (and cash flow) if you can increase your daily sales. Additionally, in the next 4 weeks, it will be a good exercise for you to assess the market potential for all your current products – for example, to review what the average top sellers on page one are selling and how you compare with this.   Then you can review what it will take to increase your UPD to reach this potential and also decide if you want to invest funds to do this. This could be a great goal for your 90-day plan

ULRIKA SMART Goal Verifier
– The results from your entries confirm that with your current monthly profit, cash and time available, you’re in line to meet your monthly income goal within 12 months. GREAT 🙂

– Could you just confirm which entry was correct on your current monthly profit? Is it $1000 or $2000?
(p.s I ignored the tab for ‘not selling yet’ because you are, so I am not sure what the entry was for $7500 investment?)


SELF ASSESSMENT – to make it easier to review I have added the screenshot the spider chart – see below – this indicates:

– GREAT mindset score and a foundation of a strong supply chain.

– Opportunities to increase the sessions, conversion, and sales performance of each product to give your cash flow return you need.  This are linked to the strength of your Brand and Brand positioning statement.


GREAT job – we are looking forward to helping you build on this platform and metrics.