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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hi Jessica,


I have copied and pasted the visual of your SWOT so it’s easier to review vs click on a link- (embedded below).

Overall this is good first draft focused where you have considered both your business and ‘business owner’ SWOT.

There are a few areas I think we can  help you firm up and shape:

  • STRENGTHS/THREATS – Could you tell us a little more about the ‘strength’ of ‘have some experience with selling already’ vs the ‘threat’ of ‘my lack of business knowledge’?  These two seemed to contradict each other.  Additionally, threats are more external factors vs personal or business factors.   Threats are things that are ‘out of your direct control’ and more considerations for the market, industry, competition, Amazon, marketplace country etc.
  • THREATS -What was the reason you think COVID may have a negative effect on new products? Unless you are air travel brand, this could be something that is just in the back of your mind vs a reality.
  • WEAKNESSES  – You mentioned you don’t know how to read your metrics – but do you know what they are?  For example, do you know, from Seller Central sales reports, what your average weekly sessions and conversion was before you went OOS .  If you know that they are but not sure if they are good or bad or how to create an action plan to improve them, you can potentially reword this to ‘Understanding financials of product and sales metrics’.
  • WEAKNESSES – there are probably a few knowledge gaps which you may have but don’t worry about listing them out in this section (ie: PPC and getting reviews) – we can absolutely help close those gaps.   With #1 you listed why would an event in the past for a current weakness? – I am sure that that event may have knocked your confidence so you could highlight that as an area to convert – ‘Knowledge and confidence in launching the next product? (the great thing is that in 90 days we would love to see you build this confidence.
  • Additional items – how do you feel about Confidence in Product Selection – you can add this to the weaknesses if you feel this is a gap you would like to bridge (and it’s great you have the ‘strength’ of funds)