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Regan Blee
Regan Blee

Gena, I don’t see how you can ship pallets directly from China to Amazon FBA warehouses (hopefully someone will correct me if I’m wrong on that).
Pallets have to be delivered to Amazon via Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping.  LTL shipments require different processes to Small Parcel Delivery (SPD).  LTL shipping requires a ‘Bill of Lading’ (BOL) to be produced via SellerCentral then the Trucking company has to make an appointment at the FBA Fulfilment Centre to deliver the goods.   I don’t think either of those things could be done while the goods are still in China.
The LTL process is not difficult – it is just different.  Yes, there are 2 freight costs, i.e. Sea from China to USA, then LTL trucking cost for road transport in the USA.  Using LTL in the USA is significantly cheaper than SPD so I certainly encourage it.   Booking and paying for the LTL freight is all done through Sellercentral where you can use Amazon’s preferred freight companies (and use Amazon’s special rates they have negotiated with the trucking companies.)

Personally, I only use LTL and would never consider SPD.  I have always used as my Freight Forwarder/Customs Broker (they are in the REAL resource vault.)

I hope that helps.