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Isaac Kuhlman

1 – Conversion rate is called “Unit Sessions %” on Amazon’s Business Reports. Did you watch the Metrics Tracking video? If you have, then download the SOP beneath it to see how to spot this. Your conversion rate is determined by how well optimized your LISTING is for your ideal client. If it is not well optimized, then you would want to fix these issues before dumping a bunch of money into ads. We cover Conversion Optimization in a later module. (Module 8)

2 – Yes, the PAB comes in Module 4. And that’s where you will learn more about all the data that you need to examine for product selection. You don’t really need to skip ahead to analyze your current products. And you may have a slightly longer time to complete a goal, but you will understand it a lot more. Getting things done quickly is not always the best way to go about it. If you start to “get it” quickly, then feel free to move to the topics that you need to, but in all honesty, the program is designed to help people in a systematic way to push them properly without making big mistakes for the sake of speed.

Hope that helps. 🙂