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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Debbie,

So, you have a few things on here that need to be addressed.

1 – On your “Sales by Product” tab, you need to add more Columns for the rest of your products so that you can count ALL the products you have (not just the first two listed). You can do this by using the “Add a Column” to the right of Product 2, then you can actually highlight all of Column 2 and drag the formulas over by going to the bottom-right corner of the bottom cell of that column to drag the information of each cell to the next column (it’s called the “Fill Handle”). Hard to explain by text. Here’s a video to show it:

2 – Also, name the products in that tab so you can easily see which product is which and not just guess by the number. For example, change “Product 1” to “Curries” or whatever the name of the product is.

3 – On your KW columns, put the main keyword in the title cell at the top of the column so you can see it as you scroll down. For example, instead of “Keyword 1” in the cell, you would have “curries” or whatever the main keyword is for that product.

4 – Speaking of keywords, I can’t imagine that most of your products have the same keyword, but if they do, then that is going to be an issue, because you are basically selling them only as gifts. Do people actually USE these products? Or do they just buy them as gifts? My guess is that they DO use the products. Therefore, you will need to find the best keywords for each product to try to get ranking on them.

5 – And when you TRACK ranking, you should either put the Page and Position (like, Page 2 Pos. 14) or the position from the first spot (like, “Pos. 64”) just to be clear about what you are tracking. I am not sure if you the numbers you are writing down are the page numbers or the positions based on the metrics.

Hope this helps clarify some things?