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Honor T
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Here is my Logo brief, I didn’t put colours or logos as I didn’t know what I want so thought would get ideas and change from there. I am not creative, I am finding this whole process somewhat daunting…I am in a place where I actually don’t know if I can  do this.  My favourite was #38 I got a lot of designs but could only pick 8 and I wanted to make sure I had a broad range.

Logo Design
Project Owner: Honor Thomson
Date: 22 June 2020
Design Task:
Creaton of mater brand logo: Homekept
Logo design must be suitable for us on:
Consumer products
Product packaging
Online assets, website, social media, advertising specifically FB and Instragram
Printed materials e.g. letterhead, business cards, thank you inserts
Overall design must stand out in a cluttered marketplace such as

Target Audience:
Homekept produces a line of home, kitchen and garden products targeted at those that love cooking and hosting in their homes and outside space.  For those that need help in creating an organised, safe home for their families, these products are high quality, practical, functional, stylish and lifestyle initiated to help and inspire you to deliver wholesome cooking and hosting and much more to your family and guests in an efficient, organised and confident way.  Indeed, you can be the “hostess with the mostess”.

Brand essence:
Hostess (entertaining)

Timing – 29 June, 2020