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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Great Laura.  Yes, the Amazon Seller Account subscription is only $39.99 so while this typically won’t ‘break the bank’ we say, don’t open it until you need it, and you’ll need it in when you start analyzing your products.  Therefore get your business set up first, with business bank accounts, and then when you have this information you might be at week 2 or 3 of the training which puts you at a timeframe to set your new account up.   Given amazon a week or so to review all your business documents to grant you an account, because sometimes they need extra information or need to request missing information.

To help you navigate your plan, you may like to list your tasks in chronological order, for example:

30 Day Goals:

  1. Develop my WHYcompleted
  2. Develop my SMART Goalcompleted
  3. Set up LLC  :
    -watch ‘New Seller Orientation videos’ (fi needed)
    -engage an accountant to set up LLC
    -open business bank account
    -finalize LLC set up
    -set up EID (to ensure you are set up as an importer of goods into the USA)
  4. Create my brand:
    -decide category/customer/interests
    -write BPS
    -choose brand name
    -action and approve logo
  5. Find 30+ product opportunities
  6. Setup Amazon Seller Central account
  7. Fill out Product Cash Analyser Bible to determine top 3 products
  8. Research competitor reviews for products’ pros/cons/risks/opportunities
  9. Order my top 3 competitors’ products
  10. Check product type is not patented