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Ideal Client
Women who love domesticated life and pride themselves in looking after their immediate families through a social circle of extended family and friends.  These women don’t want to appear that they are showing off as they would feel embarrassed if anyone thought that, but they feel it is important to show an air of confidence to show they are in control and highly organised.   Most of this confidence comes from skills learnt from growing up in a safe, grounded family and this foundation helps them to provide a happy and healthy life for their own family doing this through whole-some, home-made cooking and entertaining.  These women feel that appearing confident is important to show others that they have it all under control and are looking for solutions to help them in this whilst providing a house and home to be proud of but still making sure they can host in a stylish and relaxed manner.
Market Definition
Homekept produces a line of home, kitchen and garden products targeted at those that love cooking and hosting in their homes and outside space.  For those that need help in creating an organised, safe home for their families, these products are high quality, practical, functional, stylish and lifestyle initiated to help and inspire you to deliver wholesome cooking and hosting and much more to your family and guests in an efficient, organised and confident way.  Indeed, you can be the “hostess with the mostess”.
Brand Promise
We will strive to provide a range of kitchen, home lifestyle and garden products for you and your family that are first and very importantly high quality but also functional and stylish and which will allow you to get on with giving love and attention to your family whilst keeping an air of confidence and control.  Products that will inspire your hosting abilities that you can be proud of.  We will strive to be as environmentally efficient as is possible within this task and we can provide these products to help you stay on top!

Reasons to Believe
Homekept understands the pressures on women today and has experience of being pushed and pulled in different directions where we can feel out of control and over-whelmed with the stresses that can come from providing for your family and juggling many life challenges at the same time.  We have found solutions in our home and lifestyle products that can help give you confidence whilst looking after our family in a healthy, homelife environment as well as showing off hosting skills that we can be proud of.  These products can help in all areas of organisation in the kitchen, around the home and when entertaining amidst what can be at times, the chaos of family life.