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Amanda Tucker

Hey Nathan,

Thank you for posting your 90-day plan. I’m hopping-in to offer comments to support you.

From a quick review, it appears that your first and a primary goal (not necessarily the 3rd) is to assess and determine whether or not the survival kit has the potential to remain in your portfolio. And before you spend more money on PPC, you will also review your metrics to ensure that you are reaching 20%+ conversion.

We would not recommend you invest heavily on PPC until you know you will get the return on investment from both conversion and profit. Therefore goal #1 is to confirm profit, ROI, and metrics of the Survival kit which will determine if you progress with this product.

We’d also recommend you assess this product using the Product Analyzer bible to assess, ‘how much’ would you need to invest in a relaunch or PPC. These would be part two of the analysis.

If you can capture these elements as a priority in 30 days or the first few weeks, you will be able to move forward with confidence. Then you can plan the next steps.

Regardless though, I do like the plans you have to continue to source Product#2 because you will need another product in order to help get you closer to your SMART goal – which we all want for you 🙂