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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Gasan,

I think that the numbers look good, but I think you have gotten the wrong Main Keyword, unfortunately.

The term “military compass” is probably not the main keyword. Let me explain…

Your Main Competitor is the TOP SELLER for these 3 keywords which are much more searched:

  • Compass – 5,945 Search Frequency Rank
  • Compass for hiking – 27,199 SFR
  • Compass survival – 38,605 SFR
  • Military compass – 163,334 SFR

In brand analytics, it shows them getting about 12-17% of the sales for those first 3 keywords as well. This means they are getting a lot of sales from those much more popular terms.

If you launched on “military compass,” you might find it easy to get to page 1, but it would probably not get you anywhere close to your Estimated Daily Sales goals. The top competitors are getting most of their sales from the more competitive keywords.

If you DID decide to choose a keyword other than “compass,” you would only really have the other two options of “compass for hiking” or “compass survival” as those should lead to some decent sales without as much competition as “compass.”

Hope this makes sense?