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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Gasan,

Good questions:

1 – Column C…we usually just go down about 15-16 results on Page 1’s JS results (excluding Sponsored Ads), because that is the “main competition”, but if you see others that are doing over $10k on page 1 (sometimes it goes to about 48 or so positions), then you CAN add them in there to get a very clear idea of your page 1 competition.

2 – Yes, you ALWAYS remove Sponsored Ads as they are not “organic ranking”, and a lot of time they are duplicates of page 1 sellers as well.

3 – As mentioned previously, yes, you can focus mostly on the top 15 excluding Sponsored Ads. That’s the “main competition.”

4 – Not sure which part you are saying the training doesn’t explain, but I think you are saying “what is Page 1” basically….which I can answer in your next question.

5 – Page 1 is ALL the ORGANIC search results on page 1 of Amazon’s search results. For some products, it will return 16 results (when it is inline results), but it can also show 48+ results (when it is “grid” results). However, YOUR focus should be on the top 16 anyway, because that is the placement you are looking to try to get to. So, for the most part, those are the numbers we use for a lot of the data. The PAB does have some of these items explained above the empty rows. For example, Column J explains to add the Top 15 sellers monthly sales up. If it is not specifically stated to do that, then you can use ALL of page 1’s results.

Let me know if this helps clarify.