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Laura H
Laura H

Thank you both!

Amanda- re. setting up the seller account, I have seen mixed messages in terms of setting up early to be prepared, but not too early as I’ll need to pay the monthly fee? Happy to follow the best advice though of course!

I have watched some of the product ideation videos (up to inputting into the PAB) and definitely agree with pushing my first product selection back based on this. Want to do it properly, and best to find more product ideas at that stage too.

Finally, I realised I missed out setting up limited company/business bank account – therefore have added this to first month also.

Thanks for your help,




30 Day Goals:

Develop my WHY – done

Develop my SMART Goal – done

Create my brand:

decide category/customer/interests
write BPS
choose brand name
action and approve logo

Find 30+ product opportunities

Fill out Product Cash Analyser Bible to determine top 3 products

Order my top 3 competitors’ products

Research competitor reviews for products’ pros/cons/risks/opportunities

Check product type is not patented

Set up LLC/open bank account/speak to accountant

Setup Amazon Seller Central account?


60 Day Goals:

Setup Amazon Seller Central account?

Select top product to buy (my first product!)

Source top product – either independently or through agent

Get quotes from 5-10 factories

Double-check product not patented

Select top 3 factories and order samples

Select best packaging (consider size/weight/FBA fee tiers)

Get quotes from 3 freight forwarders


90 Day Goals:

**Review whole offer (samples/price/LT) and place order with best factory**

Get packaging designed with branding and logo

Speak to photographer about images for listing

Get UPC barcodes from GS1 (*need to research this*)

Create a basic listing on Seller Central

Create my FNSKU barcode to send to my manufacturer

Create my master keyword list

Create full detailed listing – bullets, description, images

Setup my basic brand website (low investment)

Prepare 8-week launch plan

Create Amazon Sponsored ads campaigns

Plan my next 12-18 months in sales

Create my new 90 Day Plan


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