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Amanda Tucker

Hey Laura,

You’ve made a great start already. Well done for checking off ‘your WHY’ and your SMART goal.

Your plan reads well.  I only had a few additional comments to help firm this up, if that’s okay?

Your 30 days plan has great detail! Just on timings, the product research process is quite detailed and we cover this in Module 3 and 4 (week 4 and 5) so you may find that ‘selecting your top product’ could shift into the 60 days period, but that is still great and still allows you to have the product in production within 90 days and even ‘on the way to Amazon’.

One more item, I noticed… you may need to move ‘Setup Amazon Seller Central account’ to the first 30 days because this will help you attain some advertising costs for your Product Analysis.

Aside from minor tweaks, this is a very good plan. Just don’t worry if things move from one period to another. Some items might be actioned faster and others take longer – it’s just what happens.

Great job on our plan!