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Regan Blee
Regan Blee

Gena, that depends on your level of paranoia!    😆
There is no reason why you need to keep your supplier’s address secret from Amazon.  Over the years, there have been the occasional conspiracy theory that says Amazon are determined to steal suppliers and cut sellers out of the chain.  I’ve not seen any evidence of that and the theory does seem to conflict with the fact that one of Amazon’s biggest sources of revenue is from 3rd party sellers like us.
Having said all that, the address you use will depend upon your process.  For example, I have always used prep centres in the USA or got my freight forwarder to do a bit of prep before sending the goods to Amazon.  This process is a bit unusual and relates to my products.  So, I have always put my Freight Forwarder’s (or FBA prep centre’s) address on my shipping plans.  I suspect most sellers will put their Chinese supplier’s address on the shipping plan.

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