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Nathan S
Nathan S

Hello Team REAL coaches,

I tried posting my questions for this upcoming Office Hours coaching session last night and it wouldn’t go through for some reason, and the forum seemed to be a bit buggy. So I’m going to try this again.

I have two questions that I would like some help with, as follows:

1. First, I really need a second set of eyes to help me determine if my product is a keeper or a dud. Long story short, I’ve been selling it for around two years now and I’m on my third inventory order. And I’ve still yet to make a decent profit. I’m currently getting next to no sales, but that’s because I paused all of my PPC campaigns awhile ago because I was losing a lot of money from Amazon fees and lack of sales shortly after the whole COVID-19 thing started. Anyway, I’m currently in the process of optimizing my product listing, photos, and PPC. And I believe I can hopefully make things work once I get all of this done and give it another shot. And while I’ve completed both the Analyzing Your Existing Products and How to Deal with a Dud Product lessons, I just need another set of eyes to look everything over for me. Love is blind and I’m in love with this product and don’t want to let it go! And I just want to make sure that my emotional attachment to the product isn’t clouding my judgement. Anyway, here are links to both my Existing Product Cash Analyzer, as well as my product listing on Amazon:

As you look at all of this, please also take the following into consideration when helping me make a decision:

  • Despite the fact that I’m not running any PPC ads, I’m still getting around 1 sale a day a couple times a week (organic sales).
  • The competition has been pouring in since I first started selling the product. And funny enough, most of them are the same Chinese manufacturers that are selling these to sellers like me! Their listings aren’t that great and you can clearly tell that English is not their first language. They also charge a lot more than I am. Yet they’re making a killing somehow and staying on the same page 1 position. I don’t get it.
  • When you look at my Existing Product Cash Analyzer, keep in mind that I just put 5 sales a day because that’s what I think I can realistically do if I relaunch this product. However, I noticed that I have to raise my price to $29.70 to get the ROI column in the green. And I’m not sure if I can be competitive charging this amount.
  • I have a very good relationship and good communication with my supplier.

2. Here’s my second question. Awhile back, I found some information on Seller Central (can’t remember where) and they recommended I do this new thing they were offering, where I can replace the need for an Amazon label and just use my UPC label as the SKU. In order to do this, I had to create another listing with the new SKU, which I did. So essentially, I have two listings. The one with the UPC label as the new SKU is “inactive” since I haven’t reordered inventory yet and linked it to that listing. However, I don’t know why, but I’m feeling a bit uneasy about this and don’t know what to do. Should I use this new method/listing going forward with my UPC label replacing the Amazon label? I was doing it to try to save an extra .20 or so per label that Amazon charges. But is it worth it? Please advise me on what I should do here. And if I should be doing this, do I just close the other listing once I start using the new one?

Thank you!


P.S. I may not be able to be physically present for the Office Hours coaching call tomorrow, due to work commitments. But I will try my very best to be there!