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Nathan S
Nathan S

Hi Amanda,

I have two questions that I’m hoping we can cover during this upcoming Office Hours coaching call. Here are my questions:

1. I really want a second set of eyes to help me verify that my product is a keeper and not a dud. Long story short, I have been selling this product for a couple of years now and have gone through 3 inventory orders. However, I think the main problem for lack of sales/profit has to do with listing optimization issues, my lack of understanding of PPC, my lack of understanding of launching products, and COVID-19. I do not believe it is the product itself. Anyway, I have completed both the “Analyzing Your Existing Products” lesson, as well as the “How to Deal with a Dud Product” lesson. And here is a link to my Existing Product Cash Analyzer and my product listing:

Please keep the following in mind when you look at my Existing Product Cash Analyzer for this product:

  • I’m currently not getting many sales at all. But this is because I paused my PPC campaigns due to COVID-19 and losing a lot of money. My “5 sales a day” is just an estimate of what I think I can realistically achieve starting out again.
  • Despite having my PPC campaigns paused for awhile now, I’m still getting one sale a day a few times a week on average (organic sales).
  • The numbers you see are for a selling price of $24.70, which I have found to be the sweet spot to get a decent amount of sales (when I’m running PPC ads). However, according the the spreadsheet, I would need to raise my price to $29.70 to get a green ROI. And I’m not sure if I can sell it at that price and still be competitive.
  • I have made or are currently in the process of making some optimization changes to my listing, photos, and PPC campaigns. So I believe I can do better next time around due to these improvements.

What this all comes down to is that I’ve been selling this product for awhile now, I have a good relationship and good communication with my supplier, and I love my product. So I really don’t want to let it go unless it’s absolutely necessary. With that being said, I want a second set of eyes to look at this because I’m emotionally attached to the product (love is blind) and I want to ensure this is still a winner.

2. My second question is regarding my product labels. Awhile back (I can’t remember where I found the info, but it was on Seller Central and they said I qualified for it), but I was told I could save money on my orders by not using Amazon’s label and instead just use my UPC label in its place. I had followed the instructions to do this and it had required creating another listing for the same product, which I did. So now I have two listings for one product, but the one using my UPC label as the SKU is inactive, since I haven’t placed another inventory order yet and linked it to that listing. I don’t know why, but I feel uneasy about this and just want to confirm that I’m doing the right thing here. Is it worth doing this to save the extra .20 cents or so that Amazon charges to put their own label on my product?

Thank you!