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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Cherie, the numbers are looking good, but I see a couple of things that stand out.

1 – The AVERAGE sales for page 1 is at 20 units per day. Is that number correct? Because if it was then surely there is more than two competitors doing well. Maybe there are two over 1000, but the rest have to be doing somewhat well themselves. So, if that is the case, then you will actually be able to do more than 10 per day if you got to Page 1.

2 – This means that you will probably need to order more as you have 400 promo units, and if you got to 15/day or so by the end of the launch, it may require you to order around 1300 units or so.

Everything should still be okay for budget and such. I just saw that was a but odd that the average was higher than the Estimated Daily Units by 2x.

Hope that helps with budgeting the first order.