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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Billy,

Unfortunately, there is not a tool or way to find out which PPC Keywords for other sellers are converting the highest sales.  That would be proprietary information and probably on a fine line of being anti-competitive.

You can physically see competitors’ ad placements when you log into etc, and it is good to know that H10 Cerebro also automate this search too and what they are bidding (which is cool!).

But the only way to see the sales that are generated from each PPC keyword is your own PPC data.

When trying to map out which KW could be generating the most sales, you will look at where the competitor is ranked on page 1 for that KW together WITH the KW search frequency.  There isn’t a formula for this, because it would be an  ‘assumption based theory’, but essentially, :

– if Competitor A is well ranked (position 1-5 on page one, for example) for the high search KW you can assume that most of their sales could be coming from that KW.  Then you’ll check out other KW to see what else they are highly ranked for.

Does that make sense?