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Amanda Tucker

Hi Beate,

Thank you for sending over your summary with Product # 7 .

How did you view the competitive nature of page one?

The reason I ask is that I think the ’47’ daily average sales is more like 160-180 daily units

I ran a JS search and it’s SUPER competitive.  (see screenshot below). When you see very high monthly volumes (in multiple thousands of units per month) especially for all 9 sellers of the top 10 sellers on page one.  This gives an alert that for you to compete with them or even get close to them, your launch would have to be extremely aggressive and that means $$$$$.   Additionally, when you see high competition it is highly probable that your ongoing PPC will be a high investment too because these guys will be bidding hard for PPC just between themselves.

Therefore, while I do love product idea (and it’s super fun!) and matches your brand, this one, unfortunately, would be a ‘no’ because of extremely high competition and costly launch and day to day management.

Can you see how I viewed the data in JS and came to this recommendation?