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Amanda Tucker

Yes, Ditto!   It does take it a few days for sufficient stocks to clear and the ranking to update. And you may find your ranking jumps a lot over the next 5-7 days, so wait for it to settle.

Overall, 1-2 weeks OOS is not too long, so you might be okay.   If you were selling really well before the OOS,  you might be able to regain a ‘close position’.

QUICK PRO-TIP for you – If you drop by a few ranking positions but still on a relatively good Page 1 position, a price drop can work wonders.  Make sure it’s one that will standout amongst the key competitors you are trying to get ahead of.    If you drop to the bottom of page one or off page one, you may need to do a mini boost to get you back.

Keep up posted on stock clearance and ranking …we’ll keep our fingers crossed you’ll jump back quickly.