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Danene H
Danene H

I have sent the hijacker the cease and desist series of letters, purchased his product, and am ready to report him to Amazon however that portion of the SOP is not correct.  The links are not accurate and you can not complete the actions as suggested.

Report a violation no longer exists as stated in the SOP.   It is now located on the Account Health page.  When selected it takes you to a page that where you have to select a type of violation for you to report.

  • Intellectual Property
  • Products received are different than the description on the detail page
  • Product detail page violates Amazon policies or is misleading customers
  • Product detail page was changed to represent a different product

I chose Products received are different than the description on the detail page.  When I click that I have to choose

  • Different model of the same product series
  • Different product
  • internation version
  • other

I chose other

Then you enter your Order ID

Then you describe your issue however you can only enter a very short description and you can not attach any files as proof.

This isn’t anything like what is described in the SOP so I think things have changed or perhaps I’m in the wrong place.  Am I doing this correctly?  Have I selected the correct criteria?  If so, how do I send files and a longer explanation?  Is there a better way of doing this.