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Honor T
Honor T

Hi Issac, please find updated BPS.  Not quite there but if I can bat it back as I find your comments really helpful!

Bit worried that you see my logo as “shopping” lol so not hitting the mark there!   That’s fine because I knew it wasn’t quite right but didn’t know any better and am thinking changing name and of course logo starting from scratch?  I had a person in my head previously that’s all I knew what to do so I think I still have person in my head and need to exorcise her!

I have stollen your home lifestyle quote home you don’t mind!

I struggle with anything creative, I have stuff in my head but really struggle to express and design anything creative and find it all really scary!  But feel the fear….

Bring on the numbers and spreadsheets that’s my forte!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.